Peter Kendall Now

Multiple Archibald and Blake prize finalist Australian artist Peter Kendall feels he has come full circle in his artistic adventure, returning to his love of the environment and portraiture.

His latest work has been inspired by the joy of life in the south west, Kings Park and his local Perth environment. The intimate landscape of Western Australia has always captured Peter’s imagination and he feels he is now able to incorporate all the techniques he has crafted over his long career. The new works show a depth of vision and creativity not previously seen in his work.

“My aim is to capture that sense of freedom and pleasure that many of us share in the beauty of WA’s unique bushland. I want to express new colour and life with my painting that everyone can understand, because at the end of the day art is a communication between me and the audience. My life continues to evolve, but I feel I have arrived where I should be with my art,” Peter says.

“I want to celebrate the beauty of the world in which I live and by doing that, I can show all my passion for life on the canvas. I feel re-energised and more certain about my art. The response to these recent paintings, which reveal a deeper and more intimate view of my life and spirituality has been really pleasing.”

Peter Kendall is a man who has always thought deeply about his art and this new sense of freedom is also allowing him to further explore ways to combine his portraiture with his bushland. Currently he is embarking on a series of portraits featuring people in the world in which they work or live.

“Like everyone, I have faced my share of challenges in life – illness, loss, trauma and grief – and that has no doubt influenced the way I think about my art over the years. However, after a break from painting, I feel empowered and full of joy again. I hope people will experience these emotions too when they see the work,” he says.

The new collection will be showcased in a highly anticipated exhibition on November 25 at his home studio in South Perth.

For further information about Peter Kendall and the forthcoming exhibition please contact Peter or his personal assistant, Rachel

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