Archibald finalist Peter Kendall explores the relationship between creativity and spirituality in a series of new abstract and figurative works.

As one of Australia’s leading portrait painters he has built a reputation for the strength of his portrayal of the individual

Twice a finalist in the Archibald Prize, most recently with his portrait of boxing champion Danny Green, presenting here a series inspired by Edward Lear’s.”The Owl and the Pussycat” . These reveal a deeper and more intimate view of his passion for life and the spirituality that imbues all his work. In his abstract paintings he goes beyond the facade to discover a more subtle meaning in his work.

A Quote from Peter

“When I create I grant life to the work, imbuing it with feeling. I endeavor to eliminate all that is irrelevant to the creative process. Creating in present time and allowing all aspects of self, mind, body, brushes, paint, canvas, to be a vehicle and conduit to the creative process….therefore all art could be called a self-portrait….however the viewer takes it to another level communicating with the work and adding their own considerations, opinions and postulates.”


Peter attends schools and helps children discover how ideas for picture books emerge, they explore how books are brought to life through storyboards, working notes resulting in the published book.

His workshops are hilarious.  Peter guarantees that the kids and teachers alike, experience:

  • Imagination stimulated
  • Self-esteem rehabilitated
  • Visual literally skills strengthened
  • Love of books realised
  • Joy of creating understood

“At the end of the sessions, students and teachers are bubbling with enthusiasm!”


Interested in having Peter attend a workshop at your school?

Then feel free to get in touch with Peter at his contact page.